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Looking to kickstart your career in the automotive or technical industry? Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has you covered with multiple campuses across the United States. With UTI’s convenient locations, you can easily find a campus near you to pursue your education and start your journey towards success.

Key Takeaways:

  • UTI offers top-notch automotive and technical training programs.
  • UTI campuses are located throughout the USA for easy access.
  • Choose from a variety of programs and pursue comprehensive training.
  • UTI campuses provide state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors.
  • Join the UTI community and build connections with industry professionals.

UTI Bloomfield Campus in New Jersey

The UTI Bloomfield campus, located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, offers a range of comprehensive training programs in Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and Welding Technology. With industry-standard tools and technology, students at UTI Bloomfield receive hands-on training in a professional environment. Let’s explore the programs offered:

Automotive Technology Program

The 51-week Automotive Technology program at UTI Bloomfield is designed to prepare students for careers as automotive technicians. Through a combination of classroom instruction and practical, hands-on training, students learn to diagnose and repair automotive systems, engines, and electrical components. Graduates of the program are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the automotive industry.

Diesel Technology Program

The Diesel Technology program at UTI Bloomfield is a 45-week program that provides comprehensive training in various aspects of the diesel industry. Students learn to diagnose, repair, and maintain diesel engines, as well as gain knowledge in other key areas such as fuel systems, electrical systems, and advanced diagnostics. The program prepares students for a rewarding career as a diesel technician in sectors such as transportation, construction, and agriculture.

Welding Technology Program

The 36-week Welding Technology program at UTI Bloomfield teaches students the skills and techniques necessary for various welding processes. Through hands-on training, students learn to weld using different methods such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW). Upon completion of the program, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue opportunities in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and fabrication.


Upon completion of these programs, students receive certificates and are well-prepared to take ASE certification exams in their respective fields, further enhancing their employability and career prospects.

At UTI Bloomfield, we are committed to providing students with a quality education and hands-on training that prepares them for success in their chosen fields. Our experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that students receive the practical skills and knowledge they need to excel in the automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

Program Duration Skills Taught
Automotive Technology 51 weeks Automotive systems, engine repair, electrical components
Diesel Technology 45 weeks Diesel engine repair, fuel systems, advanced diagnostics
Welding Technology 36 weeks Various welding processes, including SMAW, GMAW, FCAW

Benefits of UTI Bloomfield Campus

The decision to open a campus in Bloomfield, New Jersey was based on the high demand for skilled technicians in the area. The campus is conveniently located off Exit 151 of the Garden State Parkway, making it easily accessible for students.

Bloomfield is known for its small-town charm and proximity to major manufacturing hubs, allowing students to have more opportunities for industry partnerships and employment.

The campus offers a unique blend of small-town feel with the perks of being close to cities like New York, providing students with a well-rounded experience during their education.

Opportunities for Manufacturers and Industry Partnerships

The convenient location of the UTI Bloomfield campus in New Jersey offers ample opportunities for manufacturers and industry partnerships. With its proximity to major manufacturing hubs, students have access to a wide range of companies and organizations in need of skilled technicians. This opens doors for internships, job placements, and networking opportunities that can jumpstart their careers.

Manufacturers benefit from having a pipeline of highly-trained graduates ready to contribute to their workforce. They can collaborate with UTI Bloomfield to provide specialized training, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills.

Small-Town Charm with Easy Access to Urban Centers

Bloomfield’s small-town charm creates a welcoming and close-knit community, providing a supportive environment for students. The campus itself offers a tight-knit student community, fostering connections and camaraderie among peers.

While enjoying the benefits of a small town, students also have the advantage of being in close proximity to bustling urban centers. Just a short distance from New York City, students can explore the diverse attractions, cultural events, and networking possibilities offered by a major metropolitan area.

Benefits of UTI Bloomfield Campus Keywords
Convenient Location Convenient location
Opportunities for Manufacturers Opportunities for manufacturers
Small-Town Charm with Access to Urban Centers Small-town charm

Support and Community at UTI Bloomfield

At UTI Bloomfield, we understand that students need a strong support system to excel in their education and future careers. That’s why we have comprehensive support services in place to assist our students every step of the way. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the support you need to succeed.

Whether you’re facing academic challenges or personal hurdles, our support services are here to help. We offer tutoring and academic resources to ensure you stay on track with your studies. Our experienced advisors are available to guide you through any obstacles and provide the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

We also recognize the importance of gaining industry experience while completing your program. Our support services team works closely with local employers to help students find job placements that offer valuable real-world experience. By connecting you with these opportunities, we aim to enhance your skills and prepare you for the demands of the industry.

At UTI Bloomfield, we believe that a strong sense of community is vital to your success. That’s why we organize community events throughout the year, such as summer car shows, to promote engagement and provide you with opportunities to make a positive impact in the local area. These events not only allow you to showcase your skills but also enable you to network with professionals and fellow students who share your passion for the automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

At UTI Bloomfield, we are committed to providing the support and community you need to thrive in your educational journey. Together, we can help you achieve your dreams and build a successful career in the industry.

Quality Education and Training

state-of-the-industry tools

At UTI Bloomfield, we are committed to providing our students with a top-notch education and training that prepares them for successful careers in the automotive, diesel, and welding industries. We believe that quality education starts with state-of-the-industry tools and technology, which is why our campus is equipped with the latest equipment and resources.

But tools alone are not enough. That’s why we have passionate instructors who are experts in their fields and have real-world experience. Our instructors bring their industry knowledge and insights into the classroom, allowing students to learn from professionals who know what it takes to succeed in the industry. They are dedicated to ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance throughout their program.

Our hands-on approach to learning ensures that our students gain practical experience and develop the skills they need to excel in the industry. We provide ample opportunities for students to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios, allowing them to build confidence and competence in their chosen fields. Whether it’s working on engines, diagnosing automotive issues, or mastering various welding techniques, our students graduate with the practical skills and knowledge that employers value.

“The instructors at UTI Bloomfield are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about their students’ success. They go above and beyond to ensure that we understand the material and are prepared for the challenges of the industry.” – John Davis, UTI Bloomfield Graduate

Through our comprehensive training programs, students not only gain technical skills but also learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Our goal is to produce well-rounded professionals who can thrive in dynamic work environments and contribute to the success of their employers.

When it comes to quality education and training, UTI Bloomfield is the place to be. Our focus on state-of-the-industry tools, passionate instructors, and real-world experience sets us apart and prepares our students for rewarding and fulfilling careers in the automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

Building Connections and Memories

Your time at UTI Bloomfield goes beyond just academic learning. We believe in fostering a vibrant and supportive student community, offering a range of on-campus events and activities that build connections among students and create lasting memories.

From hot cocoa bars to game day football parties, there is always something happening on campus to bring our student community together. These events not only provide fun and entertainment but also offer opportunities for you to bond with your peers and create a strong sense of belonging.

Participating in these campus activities allows you to take a break from your studies and enjoy some well-deserved fun with your classmates. It’s a chance to relax, unwind, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re attending a talent show, joining a club, or cheering on your fellow students at a sports event, these experiences help shape your college journey and enhance your overall educational experience.

Creating a Vibrant Student Community

At UTI Bloomfield, we understand the importance of a strong student community. We believe that a supportive and inclusive environment helps you thrive and succeed academically. By actively participating in on-campus events and activities, you contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our community.

“The connections I made with my fellow students during campus events have been invaluable. It’s amazing to see how these experiences bring us closer together and create lifelong friendships.”

-Samantha, UTI Bloomfield student

Through campus activities, you get to interact with students from different backgrounds and programs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration. These events act as a platform for you to share your talents, passions, and interests with a supportive audience, creating an atmosphere of celebration and mutual support.

Opportunities for Growth and Networking

Participating in on-campus events and activities not only helps you establish strong connections with your peers but also provides valuable opportunities for personal growth and networking.

The diverse range of events hosted at UTI Bloomfield allows you to engage with professionals from various industries. Guest speakers, industry representatives, and alumni often attend these events, enabling you to build networks, gather industry insights, and explore potential career paths.

“I attended a career fair during one of the campus events, and it led me to a remarkable internship opportunity. The connections I made that day opened doors I never imagined possible.”

-David, UTI Bloomfield student

By actively participating in campus activities, you demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional growth. These experiences not only provide enjoyment but also equip you with valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership – skills that are highly sought after by employers in today’s competitive job market.

Join Us and Make Lasting Memories

We invite you to join us at UTI Bloomfield and be part of our vibrant, supportive student community. Take advantage of the numerous on-campus events and activities we offer, and create lasting memories as you embark on your educational journey.

Explore your passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover the endless possibilities that await you. Your time at UTI Bloomfield is about more than just gaining knowledge; it’s about building lasting connections, creating lifelong friendships, and making memories that will stay with you long after graduation.

Unique Features of UTI Bloomfield Campus

manufacturer-specific training

UTI Bloomfield offers some unique features that set it apart from other campuses. Whether you’re interested in manufacturer-specific training or comprehensive support services, UTI Bloomfield has something special to offer.

Manufacturer-Specific Training: Ford Accelerated Credential Training

One of the standout features of UTI Bloomfield is the availability of manufacturer-specific training programs. Aspiring automotive technicians have the opportunity to enroll in the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) program. This program is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills related to Ford vehicles and systems. By completing this specialized training, students gain a competitive edge in the industry and enhance their employment prospects.

Support Services Department

At UTI Bloomfield, there is a dedicated support services department that is committed to helping students succeed. From assisting with job placements to providing guidance and resources, the support services department is there every step of the way. Students can rely on the support team for valuable industry connections, resume building, and interview preparation, ensuring they are well-equipped to pursue their career goals.

The support services department at UTI Bloomfield goes above and beyond to ensure that students have access to the resources they need. Whether it’s connecting students with employers or offering mentorship opportunities, the team is dedicated to providing the necessary support for student success.

Unique Features of UTI Bloomfield Campus Description
Manufacturer-Specific Training Offers the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) program for specialized training in Ford vehicles and systems.
Support Services Department Dedicated department providing comprehensive support, including job placement assistance and industry connections.

With its emphasis on manufacturer-specific training and a dedicated support services department, UTI Bloomfield delivers a well-rounded educational experience. Students can gain specialized skills, network with industry professionals, and receive the support they need to thrive in their chosen careers.

Growth and Future Plans for UTI Bloomfield

Since its opening in 2018, UTI Bloomfield has experienced significant growth, becoming a valuable resource for students and employers in the area. The campus is dedicated to providing quality education and training, and as it continues to expand, its aim is to reach more students and employers in the region.

UTI Bloomfield is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their careers. The campus’s ongoing success is driven by its focus on campus expansion and its commitment to reaching a wider audience of students and employers.

Reaching More Students

As part of its growth plan, UTI Bloomfield is actively working on reaching more students who are passionate about pursuing careers in the automotive, diesel, and welding industries. By offering comprehensive training programs and state-of-the-art facilities, UTI Bloomfield aims to attract students from the surrounding areas and give them the opportunity to receive a quality education close to home.

Connecting with Employers

In addition to reaching more students, UTI Bloomfield is dedicated to forging stronger relationships with employers in the region. By collaborating with industry-leading companies, the campus aims to create more job opportunities for its graduates and ensure they have the skills and qualifications that employers are seeking. This focus on employer engagement is a key driver for the ongoing success of both the students and UTI Bloomfield.

Ongoing Success

The commitment to campus expansion, reaching more students and employers is central to UTI Bloomfield’s ongoing success. By continuously updating its programs and facilities to meet industry demands, the campus ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

Explore UTI Edu Locations Across the USA

UTI (Universal Technical Institute) offers a comprehensive range of programs in automotive, diesel, and welding industries at campuses throughout the United States. With nationwide campuses from Arizona to Florida, and from Texas to Pennsylvania, UTI provides students with convenient access to industry-leading training and education. Each UTI campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced instructors, and a wide range of industry partnerships, ensuring students receive the highest quality education and comprehensive training.

Whether you’re looking to become an automotive technician, diesel mechanic, or welder, UTI has the perfect campus for you. Choose the location that is most convenient for you and embark on your journey towards a successful career in the automotive or technical fields.

UTI Campus Location Programs Offered
UTI Avondale Arizona Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology
UTI Orlando Florida Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology
UTI Houston Texas Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology
UTI Exton Pennsylvania Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology

These are just a few examples of the many UTI campuses located across the country. Each campus offers a variety of programs designed to provide students with comprehensive training and prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. No matter which campus you choose, you can expect to receive hands-on training, learn from experienced instructors, and gain valuable industry connections that will help you excel in the automotive or technical industry.


UTI Bloomfield is a prime example of UTI’s commitment to providing students with quality education and training. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced instructors, and valuable industry partnerships, this campus offers a thriving environment for students to prepare for successful careers in the automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

The focus on hands-on learning at UTI Bloomfield gives students the opportunity to gain real-world experience, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields. Additionally, the campus provides robust support services to ensure students receive the assistance they need throughout their educational journey.

UTI Bloomfield is a valuable resource for passionate individuals looking to pursue their dreams and achieve success in the industry. By choosing UTI Bloomfield, students can take advantage of the campus’s expertise, resources, and network, setting them on a path towards a rewarding and fulfilling career.


Where is UTI Bloomfield located?

UTI Bloomfield is located in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

What programs are offered at UTI Bloomfield?

UTI Bloomfield offers programs in Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and Welding Technology.

How long are the programs at UTI Bloomfield?

The Automotive Technology program is 51 weeks, the Diesel Technology program is 45 weeks, and the Welding Technology program is 36 weeks.

What certifications can students earn at UTI Bloomfield?

Upon completion of the programs, students earn certificates and are prepared for ASE certification exams.

How can I access UTI Bloomfield?

UTI Bloomfield is conveniently located off Exit 151 of the Garden State Parkway.

What support services are available at UTI Bloomfield?

UTI Bloomfield has support services in place to assist students with any challenges they may face and ensure they stay focused on their studies.

Does UTI Bloomfield help students with job placements?

Yes, the campus assists students in finding job placements that offer valuable real-world experience.

What kind of facilities and equipment does UTI Bloomfield have?

UTI Bloomfield is equipped with state-of-the-industry tools and technology, providing students with a hands-on learning experience.

Does UTI Bloomfield offer manufacturer-specific training programs?

Yes, UTI Bloomfield offers the Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) program.

What are the future plans for UTI Bloomfield?

UTI Bloomfield aims to reach more students and employers in the region and continue contributing to ongoing success in the industry.

Where else can I find UTI campuses?

UTI has campuses throughout the United States, offering a comprehensive range of programs in automotive, diesel, and welding industries.

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