The Ultimate French Toast Recipe

The Ultimate French Toast Recipe: Valentine, who is 3, was very excited to play outside after dinner the other day. She didn’t have time to use her napkin, so she wiped her dirty hands down the front of her shirt. Because of this, I told her she couldn’t go outside for a while. Then there was a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth.

Is it getting cooler where you are now? Coffee shop menus are the only thing that “fall” about California in September. I’m still excited, though! When fall comes around, food tastes better. I don’t think of French toast as a fall food, but it does have cinnamon in it, so why not? This is a classic recipe that everyone needs all year long. Let’s go!!

This French toast recipe is great.

I’ve never liked French toast. There are so many things that can go wrong: egg centers that are too wet or not cooked enough; edges that are too cooked and tough as a tire. Edges that are burned. However, I believe that having scrambled egg on the edge of your French toast is the worst French toast sin of all.


Can you understand what I mean? What to do? The edges are going to turn caramelized! That’s GREAT. So good, it’s like putting the crackly top of a creme brule on your French toast. There’s no need for syrup. I’ll show you how to make it right away!

Things you need to make French toast

This is what you need to buy. (The amounts are written in the recipe below.) Challah or brioche bread in a big loaf. You can use soft white bread instead. French bread that is chewy is not good.

  • Egg white
  • Half-and-half or heavy cream. In a pinch, you can use whole milk instead.
  • Whole-grain sugar
  • Vanilla flavor. Try adding 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract for a fun change!
  • Salt from Kosher
  • Apple cinnamon
  • Little bit of nutmeg. Not required.
  • Butter to fry with
  • Oil made from plants for frying
  • The best bread for French toast

Use the right bread to keep the edges from getting tough. The best breads to use are challah, brioche, or a very soft white bread. Breads like challah and brioche are very soft and cloud-like because they have a lot less flour and more liquid than regular bread.


I don’t like using French bread or any of the other loaves that your deli sells. Yes, I know that since this is French toast, we should use French bread, right? America, the joke’s on you. Most loaves of French bread have crusts that are too tough and chewy. Cut the outside edge of your toast with a knife? No one wants to do that. The fork should work just fine.

If you start with a loaf of bread, you can cut it up yourself, which is great. A lot of sliced bread is no more than 3/4 inch thick. I cut mine into 1 and 1/4-inch slices. You could go as far as 2 inches.

The best way to make French toast

I hate it more than anything to bite into French toast and taste cooked egg on the outside. The gloppy whites will not separate, no matter how long you beat the eggs. Then, when you cook it, the edge egg cooks faster than the toast, making the edge egg scrambled. Not at all

Only egg yolks should be used. The mix that comes out is very thick and creamy. It’s going to be like soaking your bread in creamy custard.

My dream French toast is toasty on the inside and crisp on the outside, but NOT AT ALL tough. I want a THICK center that is as soft as a cloud and cooked just right. I want my French toast recipe to taste rich and custard. Also, leave right away if I taste even a hint of scrambled egg.

To make this happen, do the following:

  • Cook on medium-low to keep the middle from being underdone. It does take longer. It is worth it.
  • When you fry, mix half oil and half butter to keep the edges from getting burned.
  • To get centers that are soft and fluffy like a cloud, use thick slices of bread.
  • It tastes like rich custard if you use heavy cream or, if you have to, half-and-half.
  • Use only egg yolks (no whites) to avoid scrambled egg edges.

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