The Best Onion Rings Dish for Every Budget

The Best Onion Rings Dish for Every Budget: People love Air Fryer Onion Rings as a snack, appetiser, or side dish on game days because they are so tasty and crispy. Don’t use a deep fryer; the air fryer makes onion rings so much easier and tastes so much better.

The air fryer is a great way to make onion rings. These onion rings made in an air fryer taste and feel just like deep-fried onion rings, but they’re so much better for you. Also, you won’t have to worry about making a mess because you won’t have to cook them in hot oil.

I’ve been hooked on air fryer cooking ever since I got my first one. With an air fryer, it’s easy to make your favorite snacks and foods that get crispy with a lot less oil. Air Fryer recipes are the best for making snacks and appetisers for game day or any other day. Try Air Fryer French Fries, Air Fryer Chicken Wings, Air Fryer Chicken Tenders, or these crunchy onion rings.

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What you need to make air fryer onion rings

All-Purpose Flour and Cornstarch: To help the batter stick to the onion rings, flour them first. The onion rings get even crispier when you mix cornstarch with the flour. The onion ring batter also has a little flour added to it to make it thicker and help it cover the onions better.

Bread Crumbs: To make the onion ring batter, you need eggs, buttermilk, and some spices. The crust is made of crispy bread crumbs that stick together because of the batter. You’ll love how tangy the buttermilk makes the dish taste, just like when you use buttermilk to make Air Fryer Fried Chicken.

Seasonings: Salt, pepper, and garlic powder are the best ways to season onion rings. Seasonings are mixed into the batter to make sure the onion rings have a lot of flavor. You could also add smoked paprika to make it taste even better.


Panko Bread Crumbs: The onion rings are really crispy when you coat them with panko bread crumbs.

Sweet Yellow Onion: If you want a taste of onions without making the food taste too strong, try a sweet yellow onion. If you don’t have a green onion on hand, you can only use a yellow one.

Oil Spray:Before air-frying the onion rings, spray them with oil spray. This helps them get crispy as they cook. You could use canola oil or coconut oil instead of olive oil spray.

Onion rings in the air fryer: how to do it

  • For those who have never used an air fryer before, this guide on How to Use an Air Fryer can help.
  • Make the crispy coating and the batter for the onion rings. Blend the flour and cornstarch together in a deep, wide dish.
  • Mix the eggs, buttermilk, spices, and 1/4 cup of flour together in a second bowl. In a third dish, put the Panko.
  • Cut the onion into rounds that are 1/2 inch thick. After that, carefully cut the rounds into onion rings.
  • For 5 minutes, heat the air fryer up to 380° F. If you heat up the air fryer ahead of time, the rings will crisp up as soon as they touch the hot basket.
  • First coat the onion rings in the flour and cornstarch mix. Then coat them in the batter. And finally, coat them in the Panko. Make sure to cover all of the rings in the Panko and let any extra batter drip off. The onion rings can be put on a baking sheet while you wait for the next batch to cook.
  • Get the onion rings ready. Put the onion rings in the air fryer basket one layer at a time, working in groups. To make the most of the space, small rings can be put inside of larger rings. Spray oil spray on top of the rings, and then air fry them until they are golden brown and crispy. During the cooking time, you don’t have to turn them over.
  • Serve the onion rings right away, while they are still hot from the air fryer. You can also put each batch of onion rings back in the air fryer for about two minutes to heat them all the way through after they are all cooked. This time, they don’t have to be in a single layer.

How long do air fryer onion rings need to cook?

In an air fryer set to 380° F, cook onion rings for 10 to 12 minutes, or until they are golden brown and crispy. The cooking time may be a little different for each type of air fryer.

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