How to Make an Egg and Cheese Sandwich at Home

How to Make an Egg and Cheese Sandwich at Home: Bacon, egg, and cheese meals are my favorite. I love them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is one of my favorites to make.

I have to say that when I saw a video of someone making this breakfast sandwich, I thought it was a bit of a trick. But now that I’ve made it so many times, I love it. Gimmick or Smart Idea? Please tell me what you think about the way I made this tasty bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.


There aren’t many everyday items you need to make this bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. They might even be in your house right now:


Bread: I like to use plain white bread for bread. This recipe for white bread that you make at home is great for making breakfast sandwiches. You could also use whole-wheat bread. You can’t go wrong either way. Pick your favorite bread!

Eggs: You need eggs to make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

Bacon: Pick any kind of bacon you like. I really enjoy hickory or applewood smoked bacon. You can use ham or sausage instead of bacon if you’d like. You could also make your own cured bacon and use that instead.


Cheese: Mild cheddar or jack cheese is my favorite. You can use one or both of those, or you can use something else, like American or Gruyere. When it comes to cheese, you do you.

Butter: I always use butter that isn’t salted, but you can use salted butter if you want to.

Salt: Just a little salt.

Pepper: A little pepper.


  • Bowl
  • Fork
  • Cut knife
  • Turner or Spatula
  • Fry pan

How to make a breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheese at home

  • Start by making the bacon. You can air fry the bacon, cook it in the oven, or use a skillet to cook it.
  • You could also use ham, sausage patties, or no meat at all. Three strips of bacon is what I like to use, but you can use less or more if you want to.
  • Spread butter that has been softened on one side of each piece of bread. You can use mayo instead of butter if you’d like to. I usually use white bread, but as I already said, you can use any kind of bread slices you want.
  • Put a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper in a small bowl with the two eggs. Use a fork or a small whisk to mix.

NOTE: The cheese and bacon are already salty, so don’t add too much salt.

Make the breakfast sandwich.

  • Turn on the stove to medium heat. After that, add a 12-inch skillet. What size skillet you use will depend on the size of your bread. On the bottom of the pan, both slices of bread should be able to fit next to each other. The width of my skillet is 10 inches across the bottom and 12 inches across the top. Let a little heat build up in the pan.
  • Make sure to cover the bottom of the pan with butter after adding about a tablespoon of it. You could also use a cooking spray with avocado oil or something else, or you could just add some oil instead of butter. Could you use the bacon grease? Do it.
  • Like we would when making an omelet, pour the egg mixture into the pan and tilt it to cover the bottom.
  • Place the bottom slices of bread next to each other with the buttered side facing up. Again, it’s very important that the bread’s butter side is facing up.
  • As soon as the egg starts to look a little dry on top and there is no more egg liquid, remove it from the heat.
  • Next, use your turner to get both slices of bread by going under and through the middle. Then, flip it over. Don’t worry if you don’t flip it perfectly the first time. It takes practice.

Tip and advice 

  • It’s easier to flip when the turner or spatula is bigger and wider.
  • It will look like an omelette with two bread slices stuck to it.
  • With the turner, fold up the egg’s sides so they line up with the bread’s sides after flipping it over.
  • Put a slice or two of cheese on top, then the bacon strips.
  • To make the sandwich, fold over one slice of bread and place it on top. Put it in the pan and cook it like a regular grilled cheese sandwich. Each piece of bread will brown in about one to two minutes.
  • Your bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich is now ready. It’s pretty easy, right? Well, except for the part where you flip, which might make you trip.
  • You can serve the breakfast sandwich whole or cut it in half or across the middle. You could serve it for breakfast with home-cooked potatoes or for lunch with tomato soup you made yourself. Have fun!

How long does this sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese last?

While the sandwich is still warm, you will want to eat it right away. The food will not taste as good after being stored in the fridge for one or two days.

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