Smoke Sausage A Step-by-Step Guide

Smoke Sausage A Step-by-Step Guide: The smoker makes everything better, and these sausages are no different. They will be in the smoker for about two to three hours. When they’re done, they will be juicy and tender, and the skin will have a bit of a bite to it. If you’ve only ever grilled brats, you should really try them on the smoker next weekend!

You are going to love this.

It’s not the same. You might eat hot dogs, brats, or sausages for dinner every night, but I promise you that the extra time it takes to smoke these sausages is well worth it! It’s like the wood chips soak up all the flavors and make them taste even better.

The best thing about these smoked sausages is that you don’t have to do anything. If you want to smoke them, you just have to put them on the smoker. Check out my easy smoked meatloaf, smoked mac and cheese, and smoked baby back ribs if you liked this smoked sausage recipe.


What You Need and What You Can Replace

Sausage: When I smoke sausage, I like to use a flavored bratwurst. Pepper jack brats, cheese and bacon, or jalapeno cheddar are some of my favorite foods. Smoking a lot of different kinds of sausages will work.

Tips and Advice

Get the smoker for wood pellets to 225 degrees. Set the sausages on the grill grates so that they are about an inch apart. Smoke for two to three hours, or until the meat reaches 165 degrees on the inside. You can serve it on a whole wheat bun with air fryer tater tots and your favorite toppings, like sauerkraut and Dijon mustard.

The Best Pellets of Wood to Use

  • I like to use a mild wood like apple or maple when I make smoked mac and cheese. But I like to use something with a bit more body, like hickory or mesquite, for these smoked sausages.
  • You can also use a mix of oak and mesquite or apple and hickory if you want a strong smoke flavor that isn’t too strong.
  • Of course, it’s up to you. I like how combining a mild wood with a stronger wood gives the flavor more depth.
  • You can read this article to learn more about the different types of wood you should use and why.


To make sure the sausage is fully cooked, stick the thermometer into the thickest part of it and read it right away. If you want to know if smoked brats or sausages are done, you need to check the internal temperature of the meat. The easiest way to be sure your sausage is done is to do that.


You can top these smoked sausages with any of your favorite things. We often make smoked brats and put them on whole wheat buns with a lot of mustard and sauerkraut. You can serve hot dogs and sausages with cheese, chili, ketchup, relish, onions, and anything else you like!

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